A Peek Into A Millenials Mind

I find myself, once again, in the eerie realm of ethically questionable social responsibility. The impossible denial of opportunity keeps me from avoiding the detriment of my mental abilities. Whence began this decline in responsibility and the lost era of a gentlemans reality? Should I worry for the heirs to this imperially created fallacy? Wiz khalifas lyrical abuse of the English language does bring a genuine humor to the air though.

As the night has progressed, I find myself in multiple interesting predicaments. First off, the texas female at the house decided to put her arm around me. Which wouldn’t be a problem except for her boyfriend, our captain, was standing across the table playing us in beer pong. Also my ex girlfriend the love of my life is texting me consistently while I’m trying to not look like an idiot. My specificity of words falls the deeper I go into intoxication. My music was not good enough for the crowd here in this dirty garage, so I was booted off my DJ throne. The songs that followed were literally the same exact songs I was playing and no one made any comments about them. Where will the night lead from here?


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