We Deserve Better Media

As AJ Thinks

I genuinely feel for the missing passengers of the missing Malaysian flight. But every day when I turned to CNN for several weeks, it was endless, mind numbing coverage of the search with constant sorry excuses for “breaking news”. It’s all about the huge ratings boost from disaster coverage, I get it. But this drive cultivates a disgusting media culture that fetishes and obsesses over disaster stories that don’t provide debate and have little implication for anyone other than the immediate families of the victims. This tabloid style news appeals to a low intellect base of consumers and encourages ignorance for other events infinitely more relevant and important than 3 weeks of plane search coverage.

Program hosts can have an ideological leaning and maintain professionalism and integrity. The media needs to serve as the 4th element to the checks and balances built into government; corruption exists across both public…

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