Future Blogging

Hello all who are reading,


I just wanted to kind of let y’all know what I plan to do here in the next couple of weeks and more importantly write it down some goals for myself to strive for. I want to write about a broad spectrum of topics and get down my general opinions on a lot of political issues. Gay marriage, abortion, foreign policy, constitutional rights, etc. This is mainly my own attempt to define who I am and what I want to represent as a political figure. I’m also still trying to determine if I am a democrat or republican… I don’t care much for either of the two parties from what I’ve learned so far but I still understand that being independent is essentially political suicide. Any input along the way would be greatly appreciated and I’m looking forward to being involved and active in WordPress’s political community!


2 thoughts on “Future Blogging

  1. I am personally very interested in how contemporary USA residents feel about the legendary figures of the War for Independence – Washington, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, etc. – and about the differences between the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. So, when you say you’re going to blog about constitutional rights, I hope you’ll mention some of that.

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