You Don’t Have to Be Cynical to Worry About Upworthy


It was only a matter of time until someone wrote an in-depth profile of Upworthy and its founders, and happily, the task fell to Nitsuh Abebe, whose excellent article on the Internet’s feel-good sensation appears in this week’s New York magazine. Throughout the piece, you get the sense that Abebe is struggling with the same reaction that plenty of people have to Upworthy — there’s something mildly off-putting about it, but it’s hard to put your finger on exactly what. And it’s hard to hate, or even dislike, Upworthy without feeling bad about doing so.

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Entourage & Bus Trips

As pine trees turn into palm trees on the ride back from Marlborough, MA, most of my teammates applaud and turn their attention to the HBO show Entourage being played on the shaky 8 inch tvs scattered throughout the cabin. The show itself has been around for a while now and I’ve never really been too fond of it. In reality I’m not very fond of tv shows in general but that’s besides the point. I figured since the show is on I’d analyze it and try to give it a shot.

As scenes jump from mansions to extravagant parties to prestigious restaurants, I’m finding that the lessons and tidbits of constructive information that I usually look to extract from entertainment are few and far between. It brings me to a few questions that I’ve always battled with. At what point should entertainment be used solely for distraction? Also, is there a balance between entertainment and the life lessons within it that should be upheld? Or should entertainment always be used for an escape from daily life? I rarely sit down and just mindlessly enjoy most of what I see, eat, or hear in my life. When I listen to music, I search for songs that have meaning, depth, and are relatable to my current situation. When I eat I wonder about the health and quality of what I’m putting in my body. So is it that I simply miss the lessons within because I can’t relate to the situations within the entertainment, or is there just a modern day deterioration of quality within entertainment?

Basically watching the show has just brought me to one main question: what is the purpose of entertainment?


First of all, a little background info. I play hockey at the Junior A level, and am accepted and committed to play at Nichols College in the fall of 2014. Now, my rant.

As the most prestigious and important 4 games of my hockey career approach, I can’t help but observe my counterparts. While I am focused, calm, and intent on accomplishing the goal I set out to achieve at 6 years old of playing Division 1 hockey, my peers are seemingly intent on filling their future with regrets. Here I am on a Saturday evening, writing thoughts aimed at no one in particular (possibly no one at all), in some societally unreasonable hope that I can be anything that I could possibly perceive with hard work. I have chosen to spend my weekend to rest and reach into the depths of my mental clockwork in search of the answers to the challenges that lie ahead of me. Am I wrong for believing that my life has a purpose? Am I wrong for punching the plastic buttons extended out of my computer in solitude? The alternatives are all around me, in fact my roommate and teammate is happily baked playing GTA V with some of his friends back home on the couch right next to me. Is my search for purpose and success in vain? Am I setting myself up for a life of futility with no answers because of the mentality I am building? Or am I simply skipping the immaturity of unpreparedness in the time of the greatest challenges of my life?

It seems I am quite naive and unaware of the repercussions of my actions, as are all of us 21 year olds, but I do believe that I have a purpose. And I also know that I will be more prepared than any of my enemies come game day. My hope is that the Division 1 coaches will see the passion I have put into my sport, and in return will pay my tuition lol.


The Answer


A new adventure awaits me. It has promise and rewards just as the rest of the challenges in my life have shown, but I believe this avenue of communication and expression may finally let my voice be heard. I have much to say, and much more to complain about, so forgive me in advance for my undoubtedly strange opinions. I do hope that if this blog does anything, it represents my beliefs and opinions loud and clear, so that they may be heard by at least someone who shares my passion for excellence in the world.


The Answer